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Search Forums Searching the Forums
At the Search forums page users of groups that have access to this feature can search for topics/posts in a single forum, or multiple forums. They can search from as recent as 24 hours ago, or any topics/posts that are in the database, regardless of time posted. However, posts and topics in forums that the user does not have access to will not appear in the search results.

Advanced search options like using the OR and AND tags are also available, but only one type of parameter is allowed per search, but you may use more than just one of each parameter:

ict || is || the || best is a valid statement
ict && is && the && best is a valid statement
ict || is && the || best is an invalid statement

NOTA: When searching for specific post made by a member, you must double-quote " the member name if it contains space or the search feature will take the space as and AND and try to search for more than one member name.
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