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still fabin May 03rd, 2012 04:57 GMT Print this post

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Greg, I was reading your post in the Cannon section were you stated, 'The only time I got put over on tv was by Cannon!!'  I have a memory of a show from All-Star from back in my earliest forays into promoting, and I think Al missed the boat BIG TIME on an angle he could have ran with and I think you would have made him some good business on.

Do you remember the show or 2 where they panned the camera to you in the stands, and Ed Karl made mention that 'there is Greg Lake observing the matches and he is sitting with some pro wrestling students' or something to that degree?

My first thought was that there was an angle brewing where you were going to bring in a few of the 'students' and possibly secure a few veterans or bring a guy or two - to work up the card and eventually inject some fresh blood into what at that time was the same main events on TV and around the horn.  Was this supposed to be something bigger that Al once again ignored?  Or was this just a coincidence that you were in the stands and Karl just happened to mention it?

SO MANY guys through the years got great breaks from these little programs that caught and actually made business.  I do know that they did it with Sayers, and Montreal died with doing it with Floyd Creatchmann, but if it was done over time and you were given the mic who knows if you couldn't have picked up work elsewhere, or at least in Oregon, with it.

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greglake1 June 26th, 2012 21:30 GMT Print this post

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Sounds like it would have been a GREAT angle but I think it was pure coincidence that they mentioned me watching. My mentor Bobby Shane insisted I should always watch other matches to learn my craft. Bruiser, in the WWA here in IN, took pretty good care of me and used me often. George Cannon really liked me and used to tease me for being a Born Again Christian-he would announce me at house shows as  Greg Christian Lake! Sorry it took me so lng to get back with you! Greg.
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