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WrestlingGod September 06th, 2012 04:43 GMT Print this post

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Memphis has always had crazy gimmicks and gimmick matches,what you guys consider the worst gimmick matches that took place in memphis
PM: WrestlingGod
Tojo Mojo September 06th, 2012 14:39 GMT Print this post

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Back in late '67-early '68 we had the masked heel team of Dr. Frank (wearing a Frankenstein mask) & the Mummy. They were really hokey--glad that they didn't last long here. They were Nick Adams & Eddie Marlin.Of course, Lawler came up with pretty bad stuff (monster heel wise) later on, with some pretty stupid stuff at times.
PM: Tojo Mojo
diamonddulius September 06th, 2012 20:16 GMT Print this post

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I couldn't disagree more, Tojo... the campy element that was always present in Memphis Wrestling is one of the things I like about it. This wasn't a promotion that was trying hard to convince the fans that everything happening in the ring was "real". There was a wink/nod to the fans that was refreshing, especially when compared to a territory like St. Louis. IMO, that is the most boring territory ever... I respect the performers and Muchnick as NWA prez, but without the crazy, campy, subversive element, pro wrestling as a sport is kind'a dull...

However, WG asked about matches, not gimmicks... and, for my money, the worst gimmick match was the "Snake Box Match" between Jonathan Boyd and Jeff Jarrett. I believe the year was '86. Basically, the loser had to get in a big, wooden box with a snake... it was pretty silly.

Another contender would be the first scaffold match between Jerry Jarrett and Al Green... or was it Don? Anyhoo, a plank of wood suspended between two ladders. Pretty low impact.
PM: diamonddulius
Tojo Mojo September 06th, 2012 21:18 GMT Print this post

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This message was edited by Tojo Mojo on September 06th, 2012 21:19 GMT

First post did mention gimmicks--reread that post. But, each to their own. It was Don Greene in the '71 scaffold match in Louisville, vs. Jerry Jarrett. I have it on tape--it was okay, nothing special. I'd take a regular bout in the ring anytime.I loved my Tenn. wrestling in the '60's-'70's-'80's--but, at times, it could get a little TOO silly. But overall, it was great action for many years.Still enjoy my dvds of Tenn. nostalgia very much.
PM: Tojo Mojo
Whitey September 07th, 2012 14:59 GMT Print this post

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I thought the cast match between Lawler and Killer Karl Krupp was pretty different also.  Remember, Lawler had the broken leg and Krupp put his leg in a cast so they could go at it on even terms.

PM: Whitey
KontinentalKat September 07th, 2012 18:58 GMT Print this post

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I saw a couple of "Judo Jacket" matches with Tojo Yamamoto in the 70's and I thought those were really lame.  Never saw much judo in those matches and I don't think there was any special way to win the match, other than the usual pinfall or submission.  
PM: KontinentalKat
Tennoutdrsman September 09th, 2012 20:09 GMT Print this post

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Dog food matches tops it all in my book,along with the loser wear a dress matches..and you can guess who was booking when these matches took place.
PM: Tennoutdrsman
MichaelW1966 December 15th, 2015 17:26 GMT Print this post

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The part where Lance Russell fired Jimmy Hart.
PM: MichaelW1966
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