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Jumping the Shark  Pages in this topic 123
Wrestler's downward turns
Old School Hodge Podge neilk
11-21-15 GMT
On: November 25th, 2015 23:08 GMT
By: Stephen Gennarelli
Bruiser Brody hypothetical  Pages in this topic 12
Old School Hodge Podge Bobbysox86
11-24-15 GMT
On: November 26th, 2015 00:03 GMT
By: PeteF3
Gorilla Monsoon: the bodyslam challenge
Was it just a swerve?
WWWF/WWF (1963-1983) SteelCityFan
11-25-15 GMT
On: November 26th, 2015 00:06 GMT
By: Dan Shocket's Ghost
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