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killabee - February 27th, 2012 19:23 GMT

Crazy... until five minutes ago I had NO IDEA the Dog worked for Johnny Powers.  Pretty cool, this must be one of his earliest appearances. 

http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=l2JDAAAAIBAJ&sjid=qq0MAAAAIBAJ&dq=johnny%20powers%20wrestling&pg=3896%2C729311 (Sylvester Ritter To Wrestle At Anson Gym This Saturday )
Feb 3 1977

Sat Feb 5 1977
Anson County Junior High School Gym
Wadesboro, NC

Brass Knuckles champion Nick DeCarlo vs "Fonzo" Fargo

special live event for the kids: 750 lb wrestling bear

Bev Shade vs Sandy Partlow

"local Wadesborian, former Green Bay Packer star" Sylvester Ritter vs Karl Von Stroheim

Samoan Islanders vs Canadian champion Johnny Powers & Ed Fury
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