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tamalie September 10th, 2008 17:08 GMT Print this post

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Constant trouble with rules violations and generally uncivil behavior has led us to utilize a new disciplinary system that I will explain in the following Q&A format.

Q What is this new format?

A From now on we will utilize a function of the board itself that enables us to give warning points to individual posters when they break the rules.

Q What are these points you mentioned?

A Any time a poster must be warned for breaking the rules about such things as arguing, creatively typing to beat the language filter, rude behavior, and so on, points will be given.

Q Points? How many points? What is this all about?

A If you are in the clear with no points on your record, you're at 0. From there, the points escalate from 1 to 5. If you reach 5 points, you're banned from the board for a period of time that can range from days to years.

Q Does that mean 5 strikes and you're out?

A No it doesn't. We don't have to raise your level 1 point at a time. You could go from 1 to 3 or 4, or from 2 to 5. No one should ever think they can break the rules because they're in the position to sacrifice 1 point. You might find that your sacrifice takes you up more points than you bargained for and maybe right off the board.

Q How many points are assigned for specific offenses?

A The number of points given for specific offenses is entirely at the discretion of the moderators and administrators. If you're a repeat offender, you might be judged more harshly than a first time offender who committed the same offense. That said, you might also be treated equally or even, possibly, more leniently. It's all up to the mods and admins.

Q How will I know how many points I have?

A In any post you have made, even if it isn't the one you've been punished for, you'll see "Warn level" in the lower lefthand corner, right above the post #. The number next to it from 1 to 5 represents your current points total. If you have 0 points, no "Warn level" reading will appear.

Q Will I know how many points other people have and will they know how many I have?

Only if you voluntarily share the info. Otherwise your points total is visible to you, the mods, and the admins only. No one else can tell how many points you have just by looking at the board.

Q Can my points level ever go down?

A Yes. Absolutely

We want to reward good conduct and will reduce points if someone abides by the rules.

Also, often, but not always, we will assign a points total with a time limit. Should a time limit be assigned, and if you behave within that period and accumulate no additional points, you're points total may go down or be wiped out at the end of the period.

Keep in mind that you will never know if a time limit has been assigned to your points and we won't tell you either. If the time limit expires, one day you'll just have fewer or no points. We also retain every right to assign points without any time limit at all.

Q If I get points, can I just explain to you what really happened, so you can reduce my points level?

A No. If you get points assigned to you, deal with it, and try to do better so you won't get more and can work your points down to 0.

Q If I get 5 points and get banned, but I'm eventually allowed to return, do I get a clean slate when I come back?

A No. You come back in with points, from 2 to 4 depending on the situation, and must earn your way down to 0 by following the rules of the board and staying out of trouble.

Q What if somebody acts like a real jerk to me? Can I give them a shot back as a receipt and not get points?

A No you can't. If someone acts like a jerk and you fight back, everyone involved gets points. No exceptions.

Q That doesn't seem fair. What am I supposed to do when someone comes after me? Just sit there and take it?

A Well, you could get some thicker skin, ignore the jerk, and/or come to grips with the fact that you're fighting with some person you've never even met over something that isn't worth it.

Or you could do this.

On every post, in the upper righthand corner, you'll notice a yellow warning sign. When you click that icon, it creates a PM that enables you to report that specific post to the mods and admins. If there is trouble and you report the post, we come in and clean things up, disciplining the offender in that post and the thread in general.

Q Are you asking me to be a stooge?!?

A Call it what you want, but that is a harsh and inappropriate designation for what we're talking about.

What we really want is for other posters to help us make this board a place where people can discuss wrestling peacefully by pointing out trouble to us when it arises instead escalating that trouble. The choice is yours, get into an internet message board fight and get points or let someone come in and help.

When you report a post, only the mods and admins know you did so. As far as anyone else is concerned, the mods and admins found the post or larger thread independently without any prompting or calls for help.

Q What if I see some trouble and it doesn't involve me?

Please let the mods and admins know. Just click on the warning icon.

Q This seems like a real hassle. Why does this points system have to come into effect? I haven't done anything.

A Maybe you haven't done anything, but enough people have acted like idiots that a change was necessary and this is how it's going to be from now on. If you don't mess up, you'll have nothing to worry about. At this stage it should be pretty clear what is and is not okay. You can always read the rules thread again or ask a mod or admin if you have any questions.

Q When does this new system take effect?

A It already is in effect. Some people already have points.

Here's the deal. Abide by the rules of the board and make this a fun and inviting place that's free of arguments and the garbage that clogs up so many message boards, and you'll have no problems. The majority of posters are good citizens. If you choose to not be a good citizen, then consider yourself warned about the consequences of that choice.
PM: tamalie
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