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cacdean July 23rd, 2012 20:11 GMT Print this post

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Perhaps not many of you reading the KM PNW thread will remember Goldie Rogers, who died last Friday at the age of 62 after suffering a stroke; but I most certainly do..  Goldie (Dave Sherwin) Rogers was one of the best workers and easiest to get along with professional wrestlers that ever came this way.  He worked in this area from 1973 until 1975 and then followed with stints in B.C., Idaho, and later Alberta.

There was never a night he didn't go out there and work the best match he possibly could.  I saw him take a clothesline one night in Seattle from Don Fargo that was given to him way to tight and it actually twirled him around twice before he landed flat in the ring.  Back in the dressing room, he had a huge red mark on his chest and throat and he was in severe pain, but he took it all in stride as being part of the business.

It was an honor to work with him and a thrill to see his work in the ring.  He was a true wrestler and a genuine credit to our sport and our business.
PM: cacdean
Tojo Mojo July 24th, 2012 02:45 GMT Print this post

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Sorry to hear of his passing. Too young to go--he was only one year older than me. If I recall correctly, ??, I THINK I saw him work a few bouts on one of my past Calgary Stampede vhs videos. Good worker.
PM: Tojo Mojo
BLONDE ADONIS July 24th, 2012 14:56 GMT Print this post

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Yeah Tojo,he was in Stampede.
RIP Goldie.      
Wrestling Clips ETC

blackrussianangel July 25th, 2012 19:25 GMT Print this post

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Another fallen brother. Remember him very well from the days of Superstar. Remember him doing: FFFF!!! SSSS!!! while working.
Gone, but will not be forgotten.
Rest in Peace Goldie Rogers!
PM: blackrussianangel
torturedsoulv1 July 30th, 2012 07:00 GMT Print this post

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I only know him as a WWF jobber, since I started watching wrestling in 1983.

RIP Goldie Rogers.
PM: torturedsoulv1
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