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GWHRich January 01st, 2004 16:18 GMT Print this post

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Ole Anderson and I spoke for an interview for Peach State Pandemonium two days after his controversial interview with Dave Meltzer on WOL.  Here is an excerpt of that interview, in which Ole, Scott Teal and myself agreed could also be released as a statement from Ole:

PSP: Ole, there’s been a whirlwind of message board activity since your interview with Dave Meltzer.  Many people are saying that as a result of that interview, and some of your comments within it, they will not purchase your book.  Even if they disagree with your opinions from the book that have been made public or the way they perceive you following that interview, what would you say to each of those people to convince them that this book is essential to their collection?

Ole: The point of this book was to tell it from my point of view, but also stating the facts as I know them.  If you don’t agree with it, that’s okay.  If you don’t want to read the book because I said something derogatory about Dave Meltzer, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage – fine, but I was on top during all but four months of my wrestling career and drew money everywhere I wrestled.  I booked territories and owned one.  You might hate me, but did you want a book that was honest, or would you rather me have written a book with me telling you about all the people I beat up? The one thing you can’t deny – I’ve been there and I’ve done it all in a twenty-seven year career.  No one else who has written a book has done all the things I did – they wrestled, but they didn’t book it and they didn’t own it.  Those guys are just stars, and no one in wrestling became a star unless the booker made them a star.  If you want the truth – buy my book.

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Knight of Darkness January 01st, 2004 20:53 GMT Print this post

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Ole Anderson said:

"but I was on top during all but four months of my wrestling career and drew money everywhere I wrestled"

Uh, I don't consider wrestling on the middle of the card-- as he was doing for Crockett in the eighties, as "being on top" And that was for a lot longer than four months. And if Ole "drew money everywhere I wrestled", why was the Georgia promotion dying a slow death by the time it was taken away from him?

I think Ole comes across as really bitter, particularly in his comments about Flair. The fact is that Ole was a great promo guy but was never that great a wrestler. His top feuds, his top money drawing years, Ole had to be in a tag team, so he could do the talking and somebody else (Gene, Lars, Arn .etc) could handle most of the actual wrestling. Ole Anderson had the mic skills to be world heavyweight champion, but not the ring skills. So maybe he's jealous of Ric Flair, because Flair got to a level above what Ole could ever accomplish in the business

PM: Knight of Darkness
GWHRich January 01st, 2004 20:56 GMT Print this post

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Ole talks about this in his book, as well as some elaboration in Peach State Pandemonium.  

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guest: March 04th, 2004 09:38 GMT Print this post

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I wrote a more extensive review of Ole's book on Mr. Teal's website (in the "reviews" section for this INSIDE OUT book), but I will say again here briefly that I won't even waste my time debating Ole's opinions on individual wrestlers like Flair, Hogan, Savage, etc., because that is a very, very small aspect of this book.

What I got out of INSIDE OUT overall is how to be a good promoter and booker, what worked/didn't work in wrestling, and what still would work and wouldn't work in wrestling.

I was raised on the old territory system as a fan, and I've worked as a host/play-by-play announcer for two wrestling promotions in recent years, and I will say that a lot of Ole Anderson's so-called old school booking ideas are timeless concepts that would still work if executed well today.
guest: March 05th, 2004 05:28 GMT Print this post

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Ole was still on top even when he was in the middle of the card mid-late eighties/JCP.  He was a Horseman on camera, and backstage it was like, what he said goes.   How's that not being on top?
Very impressed by Ole's honesty.  Not your typical Vinnierized WWE book, huh?
Much love goes to Ole Anderson-The real life rattlesnake!
guest: March 05th, 2004 12:57 GMT Print this post

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To me Ole was always like Ric Flair in the sense that you loved to hate him.Alot of people seem to be kind of down on him because of comments made in his book,but I say its a free country and the man has a right to his own opinion whether you agree with it or not.Personally I did not like the the things he said about the late great,Gordon Solie.But I do respect his right to speak his mind.
Road Warrior Yajuta March 07th, 2004 10:24 GMT Print this post

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Ole was a good wrestler.  He didn't just brawl.  I agree with some of what you said.  He does come off as bitter, but that is his perrogative.  I don't think Ole was as succesful as he thinks, but he did do alot in the biz.  You know, it had been so long sice I'd heard an Ole promo, but when he kicked Sting out of the Horsemen, all I can say is wow.  I ant to tell Rich that I stand by what I said at Wrestling Classics, but it is tempered now.  He was a good wrestler, and had good stretches a booker.  He was there for alot, so yeah I am going to get his book.

"We'll tear your masks off, but we'll do it Warrior style!  With your heads still in them!" Road Warrior Hawk to Mr. Wrestling I&II

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swinging neckbreaker March 07th, 2004 20:50 GMT Print this post

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Yajuta and all..
i pre-ordered the book and got it before any of the heat. read it in two days. i enjoyed it immensely the first time. i think alot of people would/will. is it opinionated?..sure, but it's still good.

my opinion of Ole is he is definitely deserved of some accolades for his career. i never got to see Ole and Gene team but it's legendary. the GCW and JCP work i saw was gr8! stuff. i always found Ole to be 'believable' on the mic and in the ring, and i mean that as a huge compliment.

also K of D.. and it's already been said but ...dude, Ole was a horseman in JCP.
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guest: March 16th, 2004 04:17 GMT Print this post

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Ole is a tough SOB who is just being honest. Nothing more, nothing less, and for that, I respect the guy. I love today's wrestling, but Ole could still out-promo HALF of today's talent. :twisted:
GWHRich March 16th, 2004 22:23 GMT Print this post

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You know what?  I read Ole's book three times in the first week I received it.  I claimed at that time it was the best wrestling book I had read, but also used a disclaimer that I had not yet read Hooker by Lou Thesz.

I have since read Hooker, and although it was a magnificent read, I found it to be only merely less entertaining and insightful than Ole's book.  

For anyone who takes a mere few sentences where Ole states his opinion on some guys who many people love in this business and dismisses his book as relevant is completely missing out on what the book was intended to be: a study of the business, the way it was run, a specific man's career and tenure as a booker/promoter/owner of a company and a forum for him to educate the fans on serious insight into the business.

I feel for anyone who turns their back on Inside Out, especially if they still attempt to claim they know the business and what it is really like behind the scenes.  I also find it hard to take people seriously if they dismiss Ole's first hand knowledge and experiences with someone that person has none of that "someone" themselves.

If you really want a gift - that of seeing the inside of a wrestling promotion and the job of a booker.promoter/owner - get the book.  If you prefer to dismiss the book based on a few sentences out of nearly 300 pages or because someone else knocked it, don't buy the book and continue to be in the dark about how the business worked.

I don't agree with all of Ole's opinions, but when he discusses someone he worked with and I don't know them first hand, why should I dismiss his opinions?

Georgia Wrestling History
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Charles Warburton March 17th, 2004 15:19 GMT Print this post

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I liked "Hooker" as well but Ole's book is much more entertaining and something I know I will read again.  "Hooker" is more of a great historical read but Ole's is just more fun.  

I also don't agree with Ole on everything (see booking WCW 1990 & 1993, Georgia 1983 - 1984, ....) but I enjoy him as a personality and someone who has done it all in this business.
PM: Charles Warburton
guest: March 22nd, 2004 05:09 GMT Print this post

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Is there a "transcript" of Ole's interview anywhere on the web?  Or available somewhere?
Spacemountainlives March 28th, 2004 07:41 GMT Print this post

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If I should not have posted this here please forgive me, I am new to the group and had to weigh in on this. this excerpt is from Bret Hart. and was posted by him on his site regarding Ole's referrence to Bret in GCW:

In a new book by Ole Anderson he wrote (page 198)

Stu Hart's kid Bret missed a shot in Augusta. the next day he came to the office and fed me a story about getting lost, or whatever his excuse was. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. The next night, he was booked in Macon--and he missed that. Once again, on the following day he walked into the office to give me another excuse for why he didn't make it on Tuesday. "I'll tell you what," I explained. "Don't worry about tonight?"
"Well, where am I gonna be?"
I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know."
"Well, am I working somewhere? "I haven't any idea. Well., what's
running tonight?" "Columbus is running. Am I booked there?":
"Why aren't I booked there?"
"Listen," I said. "On Monday, you were booked in Augusta and you didn't  make it. On Tuesday you were booked in Macon and you didn't get there. Tonight,  you're not booked in Columbus, but by the same token, I'm not looking for  you. If you show up, that's your business. Buy a ticket and come in."
A few days later, Stu Hart called me, "ecch, you eehhhh fired my boy."
"Stu, he didn't make the towns. I can't operate like that." Stu was a
little upset about it, but that was the end of it. The kid never worked
for me again."

Bret Hart's Response:

It was always abundantly clear to me that Ole Anderson was a moron, but
he's also a colossal liar that has probably taken too many whacks on the head.
Throughout my entire career I missed but one  town during the six years I wrestled for my father’s Stampede Wrestling  promotion; I never missed a booking for any reason when I worked for New Japan; I  missed but two bookings in the fourteen years I worked for the WWF and both  were due to plane connections over which I had no control; and I missed no  bookings while working for WCW.  As for the brief period that I worked for Georgia Championship Wrestling, back in 1979, I arrived from Canada without a vehicle with the high hopes that I would make enough money to buy a used one, but the pay-offs were so
pathetic that I would have been lucky to buy a tricycle to get from town to town.  I had to rely on various wrestlers and female fans to help me get around. Yes,  I did in fact miss one town during that brief period, on account of a  notorious dick head who, oddly enough, was an Ole Anderson wanna be, named Buzz Sawyer.  He purposely left me behind because we basically were vying for the same  position at the time. That idiot Ole never made an issue of it and over the next few weeks I realized that I could make more money if I went back home, so I called up Jim Barnett and gave my notice. At no time was I ever in the Georgia Championship office and the conversation Ole Anderson wrote about in his book  never took place, in the office or anywhere else. I left Georgia
Championship Wrestling grateful for the learning experience but virtually penniless. As
a matter of fact, when I was leaving that asshole Ole tried to book me to  Knoxville, Tennessee instead of me returning home but my dad told me I wouldn't do
any better there either,  so I returned home. I think Ole needs a frontal
lobotomy because he told my dad a few years later that the reason I didn't make
it down there in Atlanta was because I smelled bad and that none of the  wrestlers wanted to work with me. I remember my dad telling him to go FXXX himself,  and I feel those words are more than appropriate again now.
    The Pro Wrestling business has rarely come across such a humungus jackoff of the caliber of Ole Anderson. If anyone wants to look at my history of making my bookings they can check with Vince McMahon, who I'm sure would be happy to verify my
professionalism by telling you that in the fourteen straight years that I worked for
him without any break I missed but two towns when I was often working over
three hundred days a year, with a schedule beyond anything Ole Anderson could
imagine. Go F XXX  Yourself Ole!!!!!!!
Bret Hart

Now reason why I posted this is, I wanted to know someone elses opinon on this topic who might better know it.

Thanks and again if I should not have posted it I apoligize
PM: Spacemountainlives
GWHRich March 28th, 2004 12:17 GMT Print this post

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Based on everything I have and know about the situation leads me to believe Ole was correct in his recollection of the reason Bret was let go from the promotion.

Georgia Wrestling History
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guest: March 28th, 2004 12:46 GMT Print this post

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I respect Bretts right to speak his mind,but in the words of the late great Lewis Grizzard,if he hated it down here so much Delta was ready when he was!
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