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SCW Count Grog February 23rd, 2004 16:35 GMT Print this post

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Does anyone have results of Hangman Jim Grabmire in the WWA?

Count Grog
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mad header February 23rd, 2004 16:55 GMT Print this post

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I don't have any results, but his career in the WWA must have spanned a heck of a lot of years.  I was surprised to find out just recently that he was still wrestling in the early 80's.  I remember him from my earliest days of watching TV in the mid 60's.  I'd be interested to hear more about him and his career.  I wonder if he ever made it past enhancement status?  Is he still alive? :?:
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SCW Count Grog February 23rd, 2004 17:44 GMT Print this post

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He died a few years ago.
He was a mid carder and occassionally in  a semi main or main event in Pittsburgh or surrounding towns in the early 1970's.  He worked a bit in Japan and not sure how he did there.

Count Grog
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clawmaster February 23rd, 2004 18:24 GMT Print this post

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Starting out two pre-WWA TV bouts.

2/9/63 Indianapolis TV
Bearcat Wright beat Jim Grabmire, Joe Blanchard beat Jim Grabmire

7/3/64:Southside Armory
Les Thatcher w/ Jim Grabmire

7/10/64:Southside Armory
Dennis Hall w/Jim Grabmire 14 minutes

10/17/64:Southside Armory
Ray Gordon w/ Jim Grabmire

1/8/65:Northside Armory
Rocky Montero w/Jim Grabmire 2 minutes

2/2/65 Southside Armory
Dick the Bruiser w/ Jim Grabmire 9 minutes

2/23/65:Southside Armory; Dick the Bruiser vs Angelo Poffo was the scheduled main event, but Bruiser attacked Johnny Valentine after he had beaten Jim Grabmire and Guy Mitchell in a handicap bout. Valentine ko'd Bruiser with a chair, and the bout was canceled. The bout was broadcast on WTTV channel 4 after the Southport sectional basketball game that Saturday night. Jim Grabmire w/ Jack Murphy

3/30/65:Southside Armory
Johnny Valentine w/Jim Grabmire 9 minutes

12/18/71 Indianapolis
Jim Grabmire drew Tom Lynch

12/27/71 Detroit
Dale Mann beat Jim Grabmire

12/29/71 Indianapolis
Dale Mann drew Jim Grabmire

1/13/72 Indianapolis
Billy Red Cloud W/Jim Grabmire

4/6/72 Indianapolis
Billy Jack Mann W/Jim Grabmire

12/2/78 Indianapolis
Spike Huber beat Jim Grabmire

1/4/79 Fort Wayne
Spike Huber beat Jim Grabmire

2/15/79 Fort Wayne
Moose Cholak beat Jim Grabmire

2/17/79 Indianapolis
Johnny Starr beat Jim Grabmire

3/3/79 Indianapolis
Bobby Bold Eagle beat Jim Grabmire

3/29/79 Fort Wayne
Jim Grabmire beat Pepper Gomez

6/9/79 Indianapolis
Jim Grabmire beat Raoul Guzman

12/4/79 Fort Wayne
Spike Huber and Moose Cholak beat Jerry Graham Jr and Jim Grabmire

1/19/80 Indianapolis
Jerry Graham Jr and Jim Grabmire beat El Bracero and Jose Elisia

9/6/80 Indianapolis
Jim Grabmire beat The Black Saint

Bobby Bold Eagle and El Bracero beat Jim Grabmire and Roger Kirby

That what I have for Grabmire in the WWA. I'm sure he appeared many more times than I have listed.

Heh, if we counted all the held up titles in particular AWA areas and cities, Nick Bockwinkel is a 50+ time Champion--khawk20
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