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guest: July 26th, 2004 14:06 GMT Print this post

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I was watching a Billy Jack-Grappler stretcher match today and the Grappler was not wearing a mask.
Does anyone know the story behind the Grappler being unmasked and is this the same Grappler that worked Mid-South and many other territories?
Charles Warburton July 26th, 2004 16:07 GMT Print this post

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It is indeed the same Grappler = Lynn Denton.  He lost a mask match in Portland around '89 or '90 but I don't remember to who as I think it was one of those Tuesday Extravaganza shows that didn't get taped.
PM: Charles Warburton
Rev Bucky July 26th, 2004 19:34 GMT Print this post

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I have vague memories of the Grappler losing his mask, I want to say that Brian Adams was involved, but I'm not sure, anyway, I remember him being unmasked and underneath he was wearing another mask.  Then He lost another mask match, and when he lost that one, he was wearing full makeup underneath the mask.  It was pretty well done, as I recall.
PM: Rev Bucky
guest: July 29th, 2004 03:57 GMT Print this post

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with the grappler everyone was going after his started the traditional way with people tryin to rip the mask off during matches as a way to get the crowd exited.then grappler vs top gun feud culminated in a loser must unmask forever match in january or feb 89.the grappler won that match
after that interest started building in getting the grapplers mask off.scott peterson had it all the way to the top of the head once but grappler prevailed and barely kept the mask on and was able to get away once again.then roddy piper got on t.v. and offered cash to any fan that could get a picture of the grappler unmasked anywhere anytime
carl styles had just turned face and was in a feud with the grappler and won the northwest title.during one match styles had a side headlock on the grappler and grappler went to shoot him off to the ropes and styled yanked the mask off.grappler fell on his keester looked around the arena in a daze and slowly realised that his hood was gone.the arena was the first time that grapplers mask had been removed for the t.v. audience to lasted maybe 5 seconds and he covered up and headed for the hills
grappler challenged carl styles to a steel cage mask vs northwest title shot.they did that matchat all the shows that week and finally in portland they had a finale where if grappler lost he would unmask forever.styles won that match and grappler was unmasked.the next week grappler showed up in road warrior style face paint and the mask was gone
Dr Abner Mality July 30th, 2004 15:37 GMT Print this post

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That's a great example of how to stretch an angle out over a long period of time and keep the excitement up. Don't see much of that at all these days.

BTW, is it Lynn Denton or Len Denton?

And that is all the people need to know!

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Chawman July 31st, 2004 20:51 GMT Print this post

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It's Len

Portland Wrestling fan extraordinaire
PM: Chawman
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