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David (Ken) hits the nail on the head involving the Garvin pin on Andre when he writes:

>>this REALLY got Ron G. over as a KILLER HEEL<<

All we see today consistently is on a national level so if you never saw the territories or haven't thought about them in awhile then why Garvin would get a pin on the biggest box office attraction of the time may get lost somewhere. This was a different time and different things were done sometimes to acheive what needed to get done. The purpose of a Garvin pin was for business and in particular to get Garvin over as the area's top heel, it wasn't for magazine coverage or anything else. The fact that Andre knew no magazines would cover the match could have made him more agreeable to the pin since only area fans would be aware of the win.  

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i would like to comment on the aftermath of this the ICW promotion,one intro which always started the show was clips of the battle between Andre and Mr Garvin.This match looked like a knock down /drag out war.However,i dont remember Garvin boasting or bragging about his pinfall victory several years later and after a promotion change.(If i am wrong on this ,anyone please come forward)This was no doubt out of respect for Andre and the service he had provided to elevate Garvin in the fans eyes  and perception.What a tribute to both of these men and their honor for the business "as a whole" and not the petty ,egotistical stuff you read about which lead up to the Hitman Hart and Shawn Michaels doublecross at the survivor series.

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Good point, & how true!! I mean, geez, Ronnie PINNED Andre the Giant, but, out of professional respect for Andre, plus their personal friendship, Garvin didn't "gloat" about it later on, when he well could have. Ron was a pro!

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Actually, the Apter mags DID report Andre being pinned in the early 70's by Killer Kowalski. This was the second fall of a three fall match, eventually won by the BIG GUY.  

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Thanks for the "input", Grigs!!

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lawler also owns a countout victory over andre, which i believe took place in louisville. andre came back in shortly after and crushed lawler in memphis. oddly enough, i remember one of the apter mags covering lawler's COR win. the win is also documented in lawler's book (more like a photo album with a brief bio) that was sold in the memphis area around 1985.  

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Lawler's beaten everyone.

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Yeah, in HIS territory when HE held the book (and the paychecks)! :)  

BTW, does anyone have a tape of the match?  I'd be interested in getting it.

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Anyone know the exact date for the Garvin-Andre match?  How about for any of Lawler's matches against the big man?  

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I don't know the exact date for Andre-Garvin, but I did find one thing out.
I talked to my mom, who was a regular at the Knoxville-Johnson City shows, and asked her if she ever saw Andre face Garvin. She said it was the first time she ever saw Andre in person, and that Ronnie had pinned him in that match. Cool thing is, I was there too!! Prob is, I was only a year old at the time. Bummer.

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Ronnie pinned Andre in Knoxville in the summer of 1977. Not sure of the exact date, though. I used to have the clipping for that Knoxville card--not sure if I still have it, though.

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This is still one of my favorite topics.  I just read it again from top to bottom.

Flatland is quite boring for us rhombi"
-Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland

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Andre was always touted, as never being body slammed. Andre was both slammed, and pinned, a few more times than most people know. In kayfabe days, the Apter Machine, didn't want to play this up, in the national magazines. Andre had to remain "Andre."

In Atlanta in either 77 or 78, Harley Race gave Andre a full body slam, AND a verticle suplex. Both were were beautifully done. 18,000 people watched it in awe. It never was mentioned in any of the magazines. Believe me, seeing that done to Andre as a big deal back then, too.

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