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guest: November 23rd, 2004 15:12 GMT Print this post

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who was red river jack on interviews? i remember bruiser brody was him but to disspell rumors he showed up on tv saying it wasn't him and someone else came out in the red river jack outfit standing next to brody.
tamalie November 23rd, 2004 16:55 GMT Print this post

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It was Rick Davidson, one of a pair of identical twins who used a biker gimmick in several areas in the early to mid 1980s. The Davidsons were friends of Brody and since Brody was booker, he brought in Rick as a stand in under the mask of Red River Jack.
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JAMES BEARD November 23rd, 2004 22:48 GMT Print this post

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Yep, as always tamalie knows.
mmv3000 November 26th, 2004 06:51 GMT Print this post

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of course, for years, everyone and their mother, as well as Dave Meltzer, believed it was Mark "Undertaker" Calloway.

Some time back, on the old Weird World of Wrestling website I used to run, I talked about it, and mentioned Mark being the 2nd RRJ. I was soon contacted by Rick's son, and after that, I asked Percy what the truth was, and he finally confirmed that the 2nd RRJ was not Mark, but Rick.
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