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Terry Kappel October 20th, 2009 02:38 GMT Print this post

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I am the son of fmr. Wrestler Bob Kappel, who now lives in Gibsonton, FL. He began working out with wrestlers in Chicago when he was 15 in 1954. His first professional match was in Ti Juana, mexico, and he wrestled all over the country with many of the top names of his day.  I believe his last match was in the mid 80s in Milwaukee, WI.

He has a rich load of memories of those people and the times, I just read some information from this and other archival sites from that time period, and he gave a lot of interesting tid bits. Like a wrestler who was later involved in murder. He's not very computer savy yet. So, if you'd like me to forward questions to him, I'd be happy to oblige.

Also, if anyone has information on him and his career, please share it. Many of these experiences that he had that are so rich as oral history are new to me, since I was too young to appreciate his experiences at the time.

Feel free to post here, or contact me at my email.

PM: Terry Kappel
justahamandegger October 20th, 2009 23:28 GMT Print this post

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Hey Terry,

I scanned through my results and found a few results for your dad.

April 21, 1968 Minneapolis Att.-3,114
Dr. X and Dutch Savage drew 2/3
 1st fall Savage over X
 2nd fall X over Savage
 3rd fall double countout
Larry Hennig and Harly Race took 2/3 over Bill Watts and Big Luke
Mad Dog Vachon over Igor by dq
Big K pinned Rene Goulet
Bob Kapple and Eddie Sharkey drew

May 31, 1969 St. Paul auditorium Att.-5,405 Amateur Aid Fund
Verne Gagne (c) defeated Lars Anderson
Red Bastien and Billy Red Lyons defeated Larry Hennig and Harley Race. Each team had on a fall when Hennig and Race were dqed.
Cowboy Bill Watts defeated Bob Geigel
Joe Scarpello and Big K drew
Bob Kappel defeated Kenny Yates

June 13, 1969 Duluth Att.-1,563
  The Crusher and Bill Watts over Lars Anderson and Larry Hennig
  Red Bastien over Dr. X
  Billy Red Lyons over The Big K
  George Gadaski over Bob Kappel

You'll  have to ask your dad how he liked working for Wally Karbo and Verne Gagne.

I'll have to dig around a little more to see what I can find. I hope you hang around.

PM: justahamandegger
MickKarch October 21st, 2009 01:33 GMT Print this post

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Hi! I remember your Dad well ! He was a very nice guy and good talent. Watched him often on AWA TV and some of their house shows! Do you have any recent pictures you can post? I remember he was billed from "Vienna, Austria."
PM: MickKarch
GJL October 21st, 2009 03:10 GMT Print this post

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   I loved watching Bob Kappel.  I have a few results from when he wrestled for Fred Kohler.  The last time I saw him wrestle was in Cudahy, WI at Victory Hall.  Tony LeBarber was the promoter.  This was in 1974 and I believe he wrestled Col. Peabody.
   Terry, can you ask your dad who trained him (I'm guessing Billy Goelz)?  And can you ask him if he has any memories or stories of Einar Olsen, Jack Allen, Baron Arena, Gypsy Joe  or Johnny Heim?  He'll know who I'm talking about.  Thanks.
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