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cssportsfan January 01st, 2011 02:37 GMT Print this post

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In an earlier post about blood, I noted that the NWF seemed to be the bloodiest one I recall from my childhood. It got me curious, and I went to look for stuff on the NWF and the only one I found was that from the 70s in the Ohio territory.

The more I looked, the less I found. Pro Wrestling History's home video index has the line up for the NWF Scar Wars tape that I mentioned in the previous thread, but even that only gives the matches and can only date them as "1980s."

So here is what I know...

The promotion was around as late as 1987-1988.

It featured The Fantastics, Abdullah the Butcher, DC Drake, Jules Strongbow, and I believe Sgt. Slaughter.

And, if this helps anything out, they had a completely red color scheme on the ring. The mat was the usual neutral color of white or blue, but the ropes and the turnbuckles were all dark red.  

I'm gonna take a guess that it was based in or around Philadelphia because of Drake's involvement and the fact that they seemed to be a bit gorier than most promotions of the 80s, but that's just an educated guess.

Does anybody have any information on this promotion?
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cssportsfan January 01st, 2011 02:54 GMT Print this post

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I decided to do some reverse research, and instead of looking up stuff on the NWF, I looked up stuff on DC Drake since I figured he might be my best chance at learning anything, and it appears to have paid off.

Here is a snippet of information from his bio on Wikipedia which features a pretty fair amount of stuff on the formation of NWF (and quite frankly, it looks like it was indeed even yet an earlier form of ECW even though the TWA usually gets that nod.)

Continental Wrestling Alliance
Drake began working on a regular basis in 1978, wrestling for the Continental Wrestling Alliance (CWA), a small independent organization based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Drake, who co-founded the CWA with Paul "The Concrete Cowboy" Swanger and Ted Petty, met some success in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey market. Drake took over control of the CWA after Swanger and Petty moved on to other projects. The CWA used up-and-coming wrestlers from throughout the Northeast, including Jimmy Powers, Ray Appollo, Larry Winters, Eddie Mirenda, The Great Kahlua and Tom Brandy.
The organization was a mainstay on Twin County Cable's Wednesday night TV lineup for many years. The CWA used many local independent wrestlers and employed other local and regional television and radio personalities. "Uncle Bob", a morning-drive radio personality in the Philadelphia market (WQQQ 99.9 FM) became Drake's manager after a feud erupted between the two on Bob's morning radio show. After a much publicized match where Bob was beaten quickly in front of a packed house in Easton, Pennsylvania, the two became friends and worked as a team for several years.
Drake had established a television deal with Twin County Cable which covered the Lehigh Valley and Blue Mountain area of Pennsylvania. Twin County Cable's president, the late Donald Berner, saw professional wrestling as a draw for those in the Lehigh Valley area which was the location of television tapings for International Championship Wrestling (The Americus Hotel in Allentown) and the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF) at the Agricultural Hall in Allentown and The Fieldhouse in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. The CWA struggled as a local organization until Robert Raskin (President of Raskin Sports Productions and a former professional basketball coach for the ABA) took over the business end of the promotion from Drake and injected much needed capital into the project. Raskin also changed the name from CWA to the National Wrestling Federation. A tournament was held for the newly created NWF Heavyweight Championship featuring such wrestling stars as the Wild Samoans, the Tonga Kid, Sgt. Slaughter, Jules Strongbow, and Bruiser Brody. Drake managed to emerge victorious and became the first NWF Champion. The organization moved from the Allentown area to offices in the Philadelphia and New York City area.
[edit]National Wrestling Federation
Under the direction of Raskin, the National wrestling Federation grew rapidly. Using wrestlers who were formerly under contract with the WWF and the NWA, Raskin spared no expense in making the product a watchable alternative to the wrestling shows which were currently on television. Drake, who was the champion, also headed up the booking and television production ends of the business. Raskin felt that the NWF should move the television tapings from the Easton, PA VFW Hall to various locations around the east coast. Matches were taped at arenas in Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Asbury Park, and other locations. Raskin also hired a young Paul Heyman (who later became Paul E. Dangerously) to handle color commentary on the TV show.
Drake and Raskin also decided to put more emphasis on the NWF Women's Division. As the women's division became established, Wendi Richter (who along with Cyndi Lauper helped the WWF bring attention to ladies wrestling once again) was defeated in a questionable fashion in Madison Square Garden by The Fabulous Moolah and left the organization. She entered the NWF and quickly captured the title from Heidi Lee Morgan.
Drake, who was the men's champion, battled the top talent that the organization's promoters threw at him. Along with his manager Damien Kane, Drake managed to hold onto his title for nearly two years. Along the way, he engaged in a long and bloody feud with Jules Strongbow. The war culminated in a dog collar match in a New Jersey venue where both wrestlers lost a tremendous amount of blood. Raski and his promotion team refused to sanction any additional matches between the two for one year, fearing a serious injury to one of the men.
Raskin, seeing the organization expand, merged with Creative Entertainment, a sports and entertainment promotional organization from Philadelphia. This move proved to be a smart one as Creative Entertainment was able to book matches for the NWF across the country. The television show expanded to Sports Channels and broadcast stations across the country and appeared in foreign markets in Europe, South and Central America and Asia. As the company grew, creative differences began to split the organization and several in the front office left to pursue other ventures. As the capital investment stopped, the television product was halted. Drake broke his back during a match in Shippensburg, PA when he was tossed off a set of bleachers crashing to the floor. After being out for several months, Drake was defeated by Sgt. Slaughter who became the champion briefly before the organization closed. Drake then retired from wrestling and returned to his human services career.

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NotSoGreatKabuki January 01st, 2011 12:50 GMT Print this post

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The Scar Wars tape also featured Bruiser Brody in a tag match in a cage with Strongbow vs Drake and Damien Kane. Abdullah destroys some guy, and the guy is acting like he's dying backstage whilst he's attended to by medics. Meanwhile there was a super melodramatic narration going on about the future of this young wrester being unknown.
I think the tape also has a Drake vs Strongbow dog collar match. The match quality could be described as average at best.
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Punk Rocker UK January 01st, 2011 15:37 GMT Print this post

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NWF was pretty good, aforerunner to TWA(Joel Goodhart Tri State) then ECW, featured a womens cage match between Wendi Richter and Heidi Lee Morgan, David Schultz, Paul E.Dangerously, Mr.Anthony, The Samoans, Sheik Al Shadd, Domenic DeNucci also appeared here

there is stuff on youtube
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WrestlingSavage January 02nd, 2011 19:37 GMT Print this post

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Found the Blood Wars tape on Ebay  is it any good? Anyone here seen it?

Mean Marc Ash Podcast
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cssportsfan January 03rd, 2011 11:41 GMT Print this post

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I saw the dog collar match between Drake and Strongbow. It wasn't a great technical match, but it was bloody and sold as one of the most gruesome things ever (which actually made you feel like it was.)

For ten bucks for one of the only officially licensed copies of anything from that promotion, I don't think it'd be a bad buy just to be in your collection. Especially as hard to find as it is.
PM: cssportsfan
Thebear January 06th, 2011 09:21 GMT Print this post

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This message was edited by Thebear on January 06th, 2011 09:21 GMT

here's some listings for footage i have of thiers however most not dated

DC Drake vs Jules Strongbow
Brody Promo
David Shultz vs Pablo Rivera
King Kahluhea vs Steve Sampson
Heidi Lee Morgan vs Angel of Death
Strongbow & Brody vs DC Drake & Damien Kane
Joey Royal & Brett Savage vs Executioners
Cousin Luke vs Tony Stetson
Fantastics vs Beach Boys
Strongbow vs Drake - Dog Collar Match

NWF Scar Wars (1988 commercial video)
Features Abdullah mugging jobbers
D.C. Drake in bloody matches vs Jules Strongbow, Larry Winters, etc.
some clips of Bruiser Brody  

NWF Handheld - Local Country Fair Summer 1987
Sicilian Beast vs Dave Huff
The Beach Boys vs Executioners
Jules Strongbow vs D.C. Drake
Wendi Richter vs Heidi Lee Morgan ( NWF Ladies Title)
Sgt. Slaughter vs Sheik El - Shaad ( America´s Title )

my Wrestling DVD list with over 14,000 discs  

Click to view -

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killabee October 14th, 2012 17:32 GMT Print this post

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There are 50 NWF matches up on on this YouTube channel right now.  i'm just about to start watching, but some of the wrestlers featured include Bruiser Brody, Abdullah The Butcher, Sgt. Slaughter, Wendi Richter, Jules Strongbow, David Schultz, Superstar Billy Graham, The Fantastics & others.  
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killabee October 14th, 2012 17:35 GMT Print this post

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Cssportsfan, did you see the interview with DC Drake on the main KM site?
PM: killabee
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