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shadow71 May 14th, 2011 22:07 GMT Print this post

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joe was an nfl lineman that spend the off season teaming with don chuy.  i think he wrestled for a few years.  does anyone have any memories of joe in the ring?
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Excellence Of Execution May 15th, 2011 02:43 GMT Print this post

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No memries to share but have some results:

April 13, 1966- Civic Auditorium- Tosh Togo drew Dean Higuchi. Don Chuy and Joe Carollo defeated Ripper Collins and Beauregarde. Nick Kozak drew The Missing Link. Johnny Barend defeated Pepper Gomez to retain the WWA United States belt.

April 20, 1966- Civic Auditorium- Joe Carollo defeated Beauregarde. Don Chuy drew with Tosh Togo. Neff Maiava drew with The Missing Link. Johnny Barend and Ripper Collins retained the Hawaiian tag team title by defeating Nick Kozak and Dick Steinborn.

April 27, 1966- Civic Auditorium- Nick Kozak drew Cyclone Negra. Joe Carollo and Don Chuy defeated The Missing Link and Beauregarde. Bill Watts defeated Don Duffy. Kenji Shibuya drew with Neff Maiava. Ray Stevens and Pat Patterson defeated Johnny Barend and Ripper Collins to retain the world tag team title.

May 4, 1966- Civic Auditorium- Nick Kozak defeated Dean Higuchi. Ripper Collins and Johnny Barend defeated Don Chuy and Joe Carollo. Red Eagle defeated Beauregarde. Sam Steamboat defeated Lou Newman. The Missing Link defeated Harry Fujiwara. The Missing Link won the 14-man Texas Battle Royal. The following is the order in which the men were eliminated: 1. Dean Higuchi; 2. Harry Fujiwara; 3. Newman; 4. Sam Steamboat; 5. Don Chuy; 6. Joe Carollo; 7. Lord Blears; 8. Red Eagle; 9. Nick Kozak; 10. Neff Maiava; 11. Ripper Collins; 12. Johnny Barend; 13. Beauregarde; WINNER - THE MISSING LINK

04/29/1967- George Becker & Johnny Weaver vs Pedro Godoy & Nick Adams, Don Chuy & Joe Carollo vs Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich  

05/13/1967- Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal vs P.Y Chung & Haru Sasaki, Don Chuy & Joe Carollo vs Bull Ramos & Frank Marconi

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