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Camil November 02nd, 2008 22:32 GMT Print this post

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If your using ICT 1.0 I would suggest you update to 1.1. Numerous fixes have been made to 1.0 on the mail system. You can also then update to 1.11 to get some more fixes on it with this: http://www.infinitecore.com/index.php?threadid=1378&page=1#post_11608
PM: Camil
Sava November 03rd, 2008 02:12 GMT Print this post

Montreal Madness
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i downloaded the 1.1 version from Download Area here

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Apparently after messing around with Email setup, i've come back to SMTP / localhost / no username/password. and it seems working now

One thing still bugs me though, whenever u try to send out an email to multiple users, and if there's an error with one of them emails, it shows the error. Can we skip the prolematic errors, but still send to the others? The problematic will be kept / shown only in Error Log?

Just my 2cents,

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PM: Sava
Camil November 03rd, 2008 12:08 GMT Print this post

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It should have send them all except for the ones that are not working. Maybe once the mail server detects and error it crashes and stops sending... I will look that up tonight and see what can be done.
PM: Camil
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