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Camil March 31st, 2007 17:37 GMT Print this post

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The long awaited release of ICT is now ready to download. Included in this release, is some more improvements to the code, bug corrections, security patches and some new features. ICT is no longer encrypted so, from this release, we no longer require the Ioncube loader for ICT to work. This way, we will be able to use ICT on many more servers out there.

The new features of ICT 1.1:

  • FTP: We have now made it possible to use ICT on serverrs that do not allow you to set directory permissions to 0777. This new feature can also be activated on all other servers. That way, you can set directory permission to 0755 and ICT will still be able to update the configuration files and all other related file systems. The FTP is of course fully encrypted like the database access.  

  • Server load limiter: This feature allows you to set a limit on your server load. Past that limit and access will be completely blocked on your server until the load is normal again. This feature is very appreciated by server admins.  

  • ICT Chat system: The ICT Chat system can now be installed with the Module Manager of ICT. This was not possible on ICT 1.0 Gold.

    The installer will also allow you to be able to update your existing installation of ICT. You only need to  select Yes to the update question in the install process and the script will update only the data in the database that needs it.  

    You can download ICT from your control panel in the Downloads section.
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