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First step in how to make a poll
A poll is a special topic where you can ask a question or questions and other members can answer using a multiple choice method. Depending on your group permissions, you will be allowed to have more than one poll per topic.

The number of questions that will be asked:
The maximum is set in your group settings

  • This is where you decide how many polls will be asked in the topic.

    Allow posts to be made in the topic?
  • You can decide to allow or not people to make comments ( make posts ) in the topic where the poll is made. If you set it to NO, nobody will be able to post in that topic.

    The maximum allowed number of Poll choices possible set by the admin is:
  • This is for information only an cannot be set by the member making the poll. This is the maximum number of poll choice that will be allowed. You can of course have less choices than that maximum.

    Set the length of time that the poll is to be run.
    If you do not want to set a limit leave the settings as they are now

  • If you want the poll to close and prevent members from voting in the poll after a set lenght of time, you simply set a lenght of time you want the poll to run and after that is reached, the poll will close and will only display the result when it is viewed.

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