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Discussion Forums
    Automatic message pruning to clear old messages
    Folders for:
      Sent items
      Archive folder (Admins only - is not pruned - for storage of 'important' messages)
    Send new message
    Send new message with CC to multiple members
    When sending, options are available to:
      Request a read receipt
      (Check who has read the message without filling up your inbox)
      Keep copy in "Sent" folder
      Reply to all members who received it
      Include original message content with the reply
    Preview message
    Reply to sender
    Reply to all recipients
    Icons to show:
      message unread
      message read
      message replied to
      message forwarded
      message has an attachment
      sent a copy of a message to your registered email address
    Forward messages to other member(s)
    Forward/copy a message to your registered eMail address
    Attach files to messages
    Buddy list
    "Auto add members you reply to" to the buddy list
    Block undesired messages from selected members
    Go to Next/Previous message for easy navigation
    Delete individual message or a selected list of them

User Control Panel
    Information about your current setup
      Currently selected avatar
      Time Zone setting
      Registered date
      Last profile update date
      Registered email address
      Posts per day
      Topics started per day
      Primary member group
      Secondary member group(s)
      Moderator info and privileges
      AdminCP access permissions
    Signature editor
    Profile editor
    Avatar selector
    Upload Avatar
    Subscriptions setup
      Forum subscription
      Topic subscription
        Show subscriptions
        Cancel subscriptions
        Show 'type' of subscription (full/abbreviated)
        Ending date of subscriptions
      Subscription options
        Accept Admin news letters/info
        Enable/disable personal messenger 'new message' email
        Enable/disable single/multiple messages between visits
        Include post in email setting
        Length of topic subscription
    Useful Options
      Change password
      Change email address
      Change IM options
      Timezone selector
      Viewing options
        View avatars
        View posted images
        View signatures
        Pop-up options on receipt of a new PM
        Text area size
        Personal text censoring
    Skin selector
    Language selector

Other options/points

Login and Registration
    Logging in:
      Cookie lifetime selector
      Session security level selector
      Anonymous login (Admins can always view anonymous members)
      New member validation by Admins (optional)
      COPPA validation (optional)
      Email validation (optional)
      Terms of Service
      Validation to block automated registrations
    Lost password request system

Member List
    Paged listing of members or members in member groups, with a variety of sorting options
    Includes a clickable 'Letter bar' for easy navigation
    information shown:
      Member name
      Member group
      Member title
      Member joined date
      Total topics started and average per day since joining
      Total posts made and average per day since joining
      eMail (unless user has chosen to hide it)
      AIM handle
      YIM handle
      MSN handle
      Website address
      Personal message button
    Admins can see the last IP used by members
    Admins can view the members of the Awaiting Authorization group (to find lost members)

Admin Control Panel
  • Useful Admin stats
    • Uploaded Files Stats
        Number of files in the uploads directory
        Size of the uploaded files
      Backups Folder Stats
        Number of files in the backups folder
        The total space occupied by the file(s)
      Avatar Stats
        Number of avatars
        Number of avatar directories
        Size of avatar sub-dirctories
      Members in the validation process
        Members asking for new password
        Members validating their email after registration
        Members waiting to be validated by admin after registration
        Members validating an email change from their CP
        Members waiting for COPPA approval
        Members that are deleting their membership
        Deleted members

  • Database backup system
    • Complete backup of the database
      (this is stored on the server and can be downloaded)
      Allow backup of user selectable table prefixes
      (one board can backup many table sets for other boards)

  • Backup manager
    • Delete selected backups
      (Also shows date created and file size plus size of complete backup directory)
      Download individual backups

  • Uploads manager
    • Backup files uploaded with posts
      Restore files uploaded with posts
      Who uploaded the item
      When the file was uploaded
      Date of last download
      See in which post it was uploaded
      Delete the download
      Download counter
      Download monitor
        see who has downloaded the item
        the last time each user downloaded it
        how many times each user has downloaded it
      Download type (MIME-type)
      Download file size

  • Member Manager
    • Delete member
      Ban member (by IP) with ban expiration date
      Edit member details
      Change member password
      Change member name
      Edit major member options:
        Individually set members as moderators
        Individually grant AdminCP access
        Set each members primary member group
        Set each members secondary member group(s)
        Change the skin the member has selected
        Change the language the member has selected
        Edit member time offset
      Edit minor member options:
        Avatar URL (plus image preview)
        Avatar width and height
        URL to photo (plus image preview)
        Home City
        Registered mail address
        Set if email address hidden
        Set if member receives Admin spam
        Warn level
        Real name
        Personal member title
        Website address
        Yahoo IM address
        MSN IM address
        ICQ IM address
        AIM IM address
        + more
      Backup all members details
      Restore all members details
      Delete new password validation request
      Delete email validation request
      Prune members(soon available)
      Cancel member deleting process
      See the deleted member list and date of deletion

  • Member Group Manager
    • Add group
      Edit group
      Delete group
      Overview table of all groups
        Member group name
        Team Icon
        Max upload size
        Post edit timer
      Set if group can use/see:
        the discussion forum
        member profiles
        other peoples topics
        search feature
        email to friend feature
        invite a friend feature
        edit their profile
        post new topics
        reply to their own topics
        reply to other peoples' topics
        edit their own posts (can edit the topic only if there are no replies)
        delete their own posts
        open and close their own topics
        delete their own topics (only if there are no replies)
        start a poll
        vote in polls
        use the personal messenger feature
        append the edit notification on posts that have been edited
        access the board if set to offline
        avoid the posting queue on forums that are moderated
        avoid flood control
        open many post windows at a time and post without getting offsite posting errors
        add an event to the calendar
        upload their own avatar
        use the topic viewers feature that allows you to see who has viewed a topic
        download attachments
        view annonymous members in the online list
        use the forum subscription feature
        Can use the topic subscription feature

  • Skin Options

    • Select Skins that are available to users
      Select the modules where you require javascript to be loaded from the JS skin module
      Select to use:
        external JS/CSS files (allows caching for speed)
        internal JS and CSS (uses special skin sections for easy skin creation/development)
      Single click to regenerate linked CSS and JS files from internal CSS and JS skin sections
      (with date indication to show when this was last done)

  • Skin editor
    • Option to edit each skin section individually
      Option to edit a whole skin module at once
      Plug in more skin modules
      Delete skin modules
      Copy section from the 'basic' skin to all other modules
      Import skins
      Export skins
      Delete skins(soon available)
      Undo last edit to a skin section
      Comments section for each skin block "for your notes"

  • Language Options

    • Select languages that are available to users
      Import language packs
      Export language packs
      Add a word in a module
      Delete words from a module
      Edit text in a module
      Add a complete new module to the language

  • Text Censorship
    • List words to be censored
      Select replacement method
        with other letters or characters
        with an image

  • Database Options

    • The database is built on top of ADOdb's database link layer
      to allow for 'drop in' database compatibility
      Currently supporting:
        The following are entered and can be encrypted/decrypted:
        (for high security)
          The name of the database
          Database password for access
          Database username for access
        Database table prefix
        Database address
        Database type (MySQL/MSSQL/pgSQL etc)
        The members table name
        [used for boards sharing member tables]
        The sessions table name
        [used for boards sharing member tables]
        The name of the database

        Use persistent connection to the database
        [allows persistant connections to be disabled for servers that require this]

  • SQL client

    • Allows table contents to be viewed and SQL queries to be run on the DB
      (allows a full set of SQL commands)
      The results can be exported as a CSV file
      Show table contents/shemas (one click)

  • Mass mailer

    • Mass mail members
        Enter a list of member names or send to a whole member group
        Allows up to 3 files to be attached
        Allows HTML emails to be sent

  • Email setup options

    • Select to use SMTP or Sendmail
      Enter the address of your server(s)
        (If you also have a backup server you can specify it for use)
      Send the emails in html or text format
      Allows authentication with SMTP servers
        (allows a user and password to login to the server)
      Email template editor
        (allows each template to be in multiple languages)
      Email log and manager
        Allows message viewing
        Log entry deletion
        Pruning of the log (by date)

  • General setup options

    • Site Options
      • The name of the site
        The owner's name
        The owner's Email address
        Key URL's and paths
        Setting server time offset to match with GMT time
        Set the board to 'Online' or 'Offline'
        Enable/disable site statistics
          (viewable by selected groups only)
    • Member Options
      • Set the Admin Group
        Set the Guest Group
        Set Flash options for avatar
          (set maximum height and width)
        Set a reserved directory for admin only avatars
        Set maximum avatar dimensions
        Allow html in members' signatures
        Allow post codes in signatures
        The maximum characters allowed in the signature
    • Registration Options
      • Allow/disallow new registrations
        Set the default group for members who register
        Set the group for members awaiting authorization
        Set the maximum number of days that members must validate their registration
        Enable/disable Admin validation of new registrations
        Enable/disable email address validation for new registrants
        Enable/disable Admin notification (via email) for each successful registration
        Set the default language
        Set the default default skin
    • Board viewing Options
      • Set the charset used on this site
        Set the pointer used in the nav bar
        Set the short/medium/abbreviated/long date format styles
        Set the date format to be applied on post quotes with dates
        Set the number of pages in the page span links before you see the dots
    • Posting Options
      • Maximum text size (when used with [size=])
        Minimum text size (when used with [size=])
    • Messenger Options
      • Set the number of days for the auto-prune messages system
        Set the maximum number allowed of CC recipients for each messages
    • Cookie/session Options
      • Specify the cookies path
        Set the cookies prefix
        Set the length of a session in seconds
    • Security Options
      • Enter the encryption key for various security systems
        Require the referrer to be submited when, viewing images in posts, downloading attachments, login, register and lost password feature
        Force members to accept session cookies
    • General Options
      • Debug mode (display the SQL queries)
        Enable/disable the cache of the skin and language tables
        Set the lifetime of the database cache in minutes
          (allows manual flush of the cache)
        Settings for the PHP output buffer
    • AdminCP Options
      • AdminCP viewing options
        Backup configuration options
        Enable/diable email logging
        Enable/disable file download logging
        Enable/disbale admincp activities logging

  • Board module management
    • Module manager
      • Set the default page for members visiting the board
        Plugin support for new modules
        Flood control setup for modules
        (stop links being clicked too quickly)
          Configuaration of which modules are protected
          Setting of time between clicks (or user gets a warning)
          Short time session banning as a 'first line' of defense
          Automatic IP banning for persistant offenders
    • Emoticons manager
      • Preview the smilies
        Specify the pattern to match for the smilies
        Choose if they appear in the clickable table
    • Forums manager
      • Add/edit/remove categories
          Enter category name
          Enter category description
          Set category position
          Set the status of the category
            (show/hide the category)
        Add/edit/remove forums
          Set the forum name
          Forum Description
          Groups that can view the topics in this forum
          Groups that can reply to the topics in this forum
          Groups that can make new topics in this forum
          Where is the forum located (which category)
          Set forum position
          Enable/disable post codes
          Enable/disable html
          The forum/sub-forum type
            Do not show
            Show forum in a closed format (collapsed)
            Show the forum in a open format
          Set the number of rows shown in an open sub-forum
          Set password for protected forums
          Set the default sort key for the topic list display
            Sort by the last post date
            Sort by the topic subject
            Sort by the topic starter name
            Sort by the number of replies
            Sort by the number of views
            Sort by the starting date
            Sort by the name of the last poster
          The sort order
            in descending order
            in ascending order
          The display cut off period
            for today only
            for the last 7 days
            for the last 15 days
            for the last 30 days
            for the last 90 days
            from the beginning
          Enable/disable file attachment for each forum
          Enable/disable forum moderation
          Enable/disable the member stats update (# of posts and topics) when posting in the forum
        Order forums and categories
        Recount forums
        Edit forum rules
        View moderator logs
        Backup only the forums
        Restore only the forums
        Overview of all forum settings
        Global Forums Settings
          The number of posts shown in a topics page
          The number of topics shown in the topics list
          Number of posts shown in the search page
          The number of days of read/unread history to be kept in the database
          Compile the posts in html in the database so that it accelerates the view time
          The maximum number of characters allowed in a post
          The maximum number of consecutive characters without breaks (spaces or line breaks) before wrapping
          The maximum number of characters allowed in the forum list for the topic subject before wrapping
          Enable/disable emoticons in the subject description
          Enable/disable showing all image attachment in the topic view
          Set the maximum dimensions for images and flash object
          The maximum number of emoticons allowed in a message
          Emoticons per row
    • Mime Types Manager
      • Add/Edit/Delete types
        Allow/Disallow types when uploading files
        Assign an image icon for each seperate types
    • Help manager
      • Add/Edit/Delete Help topics
    • AdminCP Manager
      • Add/Remove AdminCP password access
        Set admin access levels for each members and modules individually
        View/Delete Admin Logs
    • Site statistics
      • View traffic statistics for a year, month or a day
        Delete old statistics

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