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Discussion Forums Index View
This is the board's index view and it gives an overview of the board.

Each forum or set of forums is/are listed under a generalized category for general categorization. Each forum may then have a title and brief description to show what they are used for and the kind of things that should be posted in them.

For each forum there are several columns.

First column:
This shows if new posts/topics have been added to the forum since your last login or since you last "marked the forums as read" - more specific help is available.

Second column: Forum name
This shows the forum name and may give a brief description of the use/content of that forum.

Third/Fourth columns: Topic and reply counts  
These show how many topics have been made in the forum and how many replies have been made to those topics.

Fifth column: Go to last post
This gives details about the time and date, the title and the last poster in the most recently posted thread in the forum. It also has icons to go to the last post in that thread and to go to the last read post in that thread (more details are available about these in the Help)
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